Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not the most organized crowd control

I have always had great admiration for law enforcement, but I am
mystified at how poorly the different police agencies coordinated
their crowd control efforts. Park Police were not kept informed about
which streets the District Police opened to pedestrians. At one
intersection, Secret Service seemed to be at odds with District Police
and National Guard soldiers, resulting in a kind of scary few minutes
being pushed by a growing crowd of pedestrians. As one person near me
observed, this does not bode well if DC ever needs to do a mass

Another question that should be asked: Why didn't Metro set up a
system that would allow people to exit without farecards??? Collect a
special fare on entry, then open the gates at the jammed destination
stations. The crowds at Federal Center and L'Enfant Plaza were
overwhelming... And bordered on being dangerous.

Let's hope the officials do a thorough debrief and improve the
planning for Washington's next big event.

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