Monday, January 19, 2009


There is almost an eerie calm quiet here in the nation's capital
region. Many locals have gone away. Many of us visitors are winding
down early tonight because getting to the swearing-in ceremony and
parade will be complicated, crowded, and slow.

But the people I have encountered today all share an energy that I
have never before experienced. The checker at Safeway said she was
trying to get all of her friends to contribute $5 a month toward
helping others. My friend Liisa said this is the realization of Martin
Luther King Jr.'s dream. Another friend said we now will have a
president who understands how complicated the world is today. One
person said we again have a great role model in the White House. Or
two, since Michelle Obama seems pretty amazing, too.

At dinner tonight, my friends and I toasted our new president, bid
farewell to Mr. Bush, and prayed that the world may be a bit better
now. I hope that we are all entering a new era of peace and prosperity.

I look forward to making a lot of new friends as we celebrate this
Inauguration Day.

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