Saturday, January 2, 2016

Great example of why it's best to ignore trolls

There are plenty of offensive people on all sides of the current political scene, so I am especially reticent to shine the light on anyone who posts abusive, offensive, or ignorant comments. Occasionally, others use some of these random extremists to make a point. I think that's a mistake. If an influential person, such as a celebrity, a political leader, or other person with a significant following posts extreme or offensive comments, that's a far cry from someone who has fewer than 200 followers on Twitter. Watch what happened when I raised this point to someone who called attention to one of these inconsequential commenters earlier today on Twitter.

First, here is the original tweet that I saw:

Next, here is my tweet in response. I was careful not to tag the poster who made the racist comments: But that individual chimed-in with this classy response anyway: Perhaps I should have ignored him and his fewer-than-200 followers from the outset. Lesson learned.