Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And now everyone tries to get home

I have now spent the past five and a half hours at Dulles Airport,
where I and 65 others trying to get a standby seat on any United
flight to San Francisco are forming new friendships and sharing
stories about how we experienced the Obama Inauguration.

There is a physician who was here for military reserve duty, as he put
it, "sequestered" away from the crowds with a team positioned to react
if something happened. There's a family of four who arrived two hours
ahead of their early morning flight but didn't get through check-in
and security in time. And there's a woman who came to watch the
swearing-in and thought she could make a flight yesterday. Street
closures and traffic made that impossible.

Every flight appears to be going out full, with long standby lists.
But there remains a fair amount of good humor. If anything, I think
some folks are happy for the extra time to shop for Imaugural souvenirs.

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