Monday, December 13, 2010

Exploring Aussie beers in Manly, NSW

I'm perched happily at a wooden bar upon which sit five generous pours of house brews at 4 Pines Brewing Co., a local favorite among Sidneysiders for hearty house-made beers and ales and big plates of comfort food to soak it up.

The beers are traditional, and to me, they feel quite British. Nothing wrong with that. The pale ale has a soft finish and balanced hoppiness. The ESB has a tinge of coffee almost like a stout but retains some of the mellowness of a typical bitter. I am also enjoying the "Brewer's Mix," a glass filled half with kolsch and half with pale ale.

Thanks to my friend Lil for bringing me to this great spot. I'm fairly certain I'm the only tourist here tonight.

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