Friday, May 14, 2010

Why helmet laws protect MY freedom #tcot

I just heard an Obama-hater on the radio complaining that government shouldn't do things like require him to wear a motorcycle helmet. To him and others like him, here's why you are wrong.

From my nearly 10 years as a firefighter and emergency medical technician at a busy fire station near I-95 in Maryland, I know first- hand how much motorcycle and bicycle helmets -and seat belts in cars - reduce the severity of injuries.

The guy on the radio may think it's his life to put at risk by shunning proven safety devices. While that is true, the cost of any accident he gets into gets paid for by, guess who? Other taxpayers.

Think about it. A highway-speed head injury requires transfer to a Level 1 or 2 trauma center. Those air ambulance helicopters cost a lot to keep at the ready and to respond. Most trauma centers are public hospitals - it costs 10s of thousands to maintain an expert trauma team available 24/7. All of the other people involved in an emergency response - firefighters, medics, police, highway maintenance - are paid from tax dollars.

Plus, an accident with a severe injury usually ties up traffic. That costs money to everyone stuck in the backup.

I have a deal for the guy on the radio and others like him: go ahead, ride without a helmet, don't buckle your seat belt, do what you like. But if you get hurt, don't look to the government or my tax dollars to rescue you.

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