Thursday, March 25, 2010

More threats against pro-health care Dems: when will this stop? « Gretawire

More threats ---

In Today’s Post-Gazette:

A threatening note addressed to Congresswoman Kathy Dahlkemper, D-Erie, was received by the Armstrong County Comissioner's office.

The note read, in part, "You will never sleep through the night again."

Ms. Dahlkemper, a member of the so-called "Stupak Seven" group of Congressional Democrats that was hesitant to vote for the health care bill because of their opposition to public funding for abortions, ultimately voted for the legislation.

"Regrettably, my office has received a number of emails, letters, faxes and phone calls that are threatening or menacing in nature as a result of my vote in favor of health care reform," said Ms. Dahlkemper in a statement. "Most of these communications cannot be sourced; while some are coming from Western Pennsylvania, the majority of these inappropriate communications do not originate from my constituents."

She holds constituent hours twice a month at the Armstrong County Commisioner's office. The county District Attorney's office notified Ms. Dahlkemper's staff about the note and reported it to law enforcement.

Congressional Democrats across the country have received threatening mail, faxes and emails from people angry about the passage of the health care reform legislation.

Ms. Dahlkemper's office has not deemed other threatening correspondence serious enough to merit a request for additional security or to report to police.

Where did these extremists get the idea that violence is part of the democratic process?

More importantly, when are we going to see leaders of both parties take real action to get this crap to stop? Someone has to tell Sarah Palin that using a gun's crosshairs to indicate which Democratic members of Congress she wants to see out of office adds fuel to the fire.

Campaigning actively, vocally, loudly makes our country stronger. Violence of any kind should never be tolerated. By anyone.

Your thoughts?

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