Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SF Chronicle reports star chef exits Napa's innovative Ubuntu

Chef Jeremy Fox earned considerable fame in the culinary world over the past three years or so, as Ubuntu, in downtown Napa, emerged as one of the truly innovative restaurants in the nation. Although only vegetarian, this was no crunchy, earthy place. Each dish was an intricate combination of flavors fresh from the garden. In many cases, menu items had unusual mixes or included ingredients rarely served. On a recent visit, my guest and I had a salad that was seasoned with a tangy red powder. When we asked about it, we learned it was sundried beet pulp that had been taken from the juicer. None of nature's bounty went to waste in Ubuntu's kitchen. I am glad that I was able to experience Ubuntu, and I will wait anxiously for news of Fox's next venture -- and for what happens to Ubuntu in his absence. More from the Chronicle below.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 (SF Chronicle)

The Inside Scoop/Chef departure roils Ubuntu

  Inside Scoop alert: Sources tell The Inside Scoop that as of 3 a.m. chef
Jeremy Fox and most of the staff came to the agonizing decision to leave
Ubuntu, Napa's acclaimed vegetarian restaurant (1140 Main Street).
Apparently, pastry chef Deanie Fox left last month. It's unclear what has
prompted the exodus.
  Jeremy Fox has been lauded by The Chronicle, the New York Times and others
for his innovative and sophisticated approach to vegetarian cooking.
Although the restaurant, with its quirky yoga studio, had become a media
darling, the concept didn't seem to catch on with the general dining
public, as evidenced by an often empty dining room.
  Fox declined to comment, and owner Sandy Lawrence could not be reached. We
suspect that in the next day or so Scoop will get the full story, so tune
in tomorrow.

-- Stacy Finz ( sfinz@sfchronicle.com) and Amanda Gold (agold@sfchronicle.com)
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